Blue Skies Over Dark Days: From first kiss to last breath

Blue Skies Over Dark Days: From first kiss to last breath
$2.99 - £2.49
Genre: Comic Memoirs
Publisher: The Bit in the Middle Publishing
Publication Year: 2012
Format: eBook ONLY
Length: Series of stories
ASIN: B00AN574S8
ISBN: 9781310665141

It comes as no surprise that Paul was the sort of child who tinkered and questioned and bothered people with his curiosity. Nor does it come as any surprise to find him falling in love on a boat or having an epiphany on a kibbutz. This is the world of Paul Casselle, the first volume of his journey through life, thinking about and analysing everything
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About the Book

These are true tales – well, mostly. In this first volume of autobiographical episodes, I have allowed a little artistic licence to, hopefully, turn some extraordinary events from my life into funny and often moving pieces. My aim is to share the trauma of my past as an enjoyable read that will amuse and add a little food for thought. I am a neurotically deep thinker, and these pages are covered with the ink splashes thrown up by my continuous diving into the madness in which we all exist. If you live in this world then some of your wierdest and deepest feelings may well be within these covers.



“Six highly entertaining snippets of this author’s life, told from the heart, with great panache and a bright twinkle in his eye. A thoroughly enjoyable read with an insight into the mind and soul of a truly talented writer.” Alexia – reader

“Charming, moving and richly rewarding, these six beautifully crafted stories chart a progress through life that is both unique and universal in resonance. Once begun they kept me hooked until the bitter-sweet end.” Jenny Barden – reader

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