Conversations with Eric: A comic adventure that’s no laughing matter!

Conversations with Eric: A comic adventure that’s no laughing matter!
£3.49 (US$3.99) Kindle - £8.49 Paperback
Genre: Comedy Crime
Publisher: The Bit in the Middle Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Format: eBook & Paperback
Length: Full Novel
ISBN: 9781523662319

‘What would you do if overnight you were projected into a mysterious comedy crime novel? What would you do if at every turn you were confronted with gun-toting, murderous psychopaths, your life was threatened on an hourly basis and you suspected the police were as corrupt as the criminals? What would you do if you felt your head was about to explode with the comic madness of it all, and the only sane soul you had to talk to was your labrador? What would you do?…’
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About the Book

50 year old Simon Leigh is riding high! Everything has gone so smoothly in his life until suddenly it doesn’t…

In this ‘Road Movie’ of a book, Simon’s fall from grace takes him on a journey across Britain and Europe on a quest to find out who he really is. But the pressure is mounting as he is pursued by psychopathic villains, corrupt police and the enigmatic, but deeply worrying Mrs Candles.

With a cast of thousands, this outrageous British farce crashes through genres and will have you reaching for the valium as much as screaming with laughter!

Oh, and throughout the adventure, there is really only one reliable person in Simon’s life, Eric…his stoical Labrador.



“‘Conversations with Eric’ is by far one of the most original and unique reads that I have came across so far on Kindle.” Lucidity – reader

“This book really is a magnetic read, it is fast paced, sharp and the humour… very British. If it were a film it would be directed by Guy Ritchie and have a kick-ass soundtrack by John Murphy!” Annie H – reader

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