Everyone Else’s Everyone Else

Everyone Else’s Everyone Else
$1.99 - £1.59
Genre: Humour
Publisher: The Bit in the Middle Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Format: eBook ONLY
Length: Short Story

A short story with a cast of thousands. Tracing a day in the life of England's capital.
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About the Book

From morning to sundown, the machinations of London’s humanity ebb and flow, intermingling with each other in the way only we happily, insane humans can.

We all have our stories, but to a stranger on the street…who are we, and who are they?

In this intriguing short story, we discover who these other people are. Those people who get in our way in queues, those drivers who indicate left and then turn right, and those people who reach for the last bottle of milk, not understanding that you saw it first.

We are everyone else’s everyone else.



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