Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

Today, I have again had a legitimate review removed from an Amazon book page. This has happened regularly to me.

I am very angry about this unfair and damaging practice, and so have sent the following message to Amazon.


Read and chant with me, ‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down!’.

“I keep having legitimate reviews removed from my book pages. Today I see that this has happened again for my book, If The bed Falls In. The recent excellent review was from someone that had my book recommended by one of my supporters on my Readers’ List.
People that sign up for my list are not friends, but readers that come across my books through organic recommendation or my expensive efforts to promote and market my work. They may well become friends as I get to know them. Reviews by people like this are being constantly removed, and this is neither fair nor practical if I am going to build readership and sales on Amazon.
I understand that you must police illegitimate postings, but I am being regularly damaged by erroneous removals. My experience is that Amazon take the business of book selling and promotion very seriously, and are committed to presenting top class products. My books are of a very high production value and are being enjoyed by many people. Therefore, although I may not be the greatest writer to publish on Amazon, I am a worthy one.
Please review the removals you have enacted over the last year on all of my book pages, and redress the possible errors you have made in the removal of legitimate, informative customer feedback. Thank you.”