Welcome to a terrific group of dedicated readers

It's really good to have you onboard

I am currently nearing completion of a companion novella, Guerrillas by Night.

It tells the story of If The Bed Falls In from the perspective of a character that was a bit of an enigma in the original book. This novella will be the first book you'll be helping with.

Your first task is to read book 1 in the thriller series

The new novella is a companion to If The Bed Falls In. So, you'll have to know this novel before you can understand the plot of the new book.

If you've read the book already, great. If not please get reading so you are ready to read the first draft of the new book which will be finished very soon!

Lastly, part of being on the Launch Team is to help populate the Amazon pages with attractive reviews. So, please post a review for If The Bed Falls In as soon as you can.

Coming very soon to your inbox

I'm working hard on the new novella. I hope to have a first draft of the manuscript very soon, so get ready!

As hard as I might try, there will always be typos that I miss. I need your scrutinising eyes to help track 'em down and wipe 'em out before we release the book.

Also, as you know, my books tend to have very complicated plots. So, it's all too easy for me to get something wrong. Hopefully, you'll all be giving me helpful feedback to aid me in getting things right.

So, make sure you've read and reviewed If The Bed Falls In, then watch your email inbox. Guerrillas will be landing there soon!