Update on Amazon Review Black Hole!

This is the email response I received from Amazon.

“Hello Paul,
I hope this email finds you well. This is Yorwin from the Communities team.
Customer Reviews are removed for the following reasons:
• The review violates our Customer Review Creation Guidelines (http://www.amazon.com/review-guidelines).
• A customer can decide to remove their own review.
• The review is on a page that incorrectly links multiple items. We remove these reviews when we separate the items.
To protect the privacy of our customers, we do not share information about specific reviews with anyone other than the customer who posted it. If a customer contacts you about their missing review, please ask them to write to review-appeals@amazon.com. We can help the customer understand why their review was removed.
To learn more about this policy, please see our Customer Review Creation Guidelines (http://www.amazon.com/review-guidelines).
We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.
Best regards,
Yorwin P”

And this was my reply…

“Thank you for your response, Yorwin,
Although you give some valuable information, you have not really dealt with the details of my inquiry.
For example, Debbie Dunlop is a reader that signed up to my readers’ list as a result of reading my books. I did not know her previously, and as I live in Spain and she in Texas, we have no contact except by messenger and email regarding my books. She has had her review pulled from If The Bed Falls In and recently her husband’s review for the same book was also removed.
He was given a Createspace paperback bought from Amazon by his wife. He then reviewed the book on his account. What was the violation in this case.
The above example is in no way an isolated event. I posted my communication to you on a number of social networking sites and the response from writers and readers alike is worrying. Many people feel that Amazon is not acting within their own guidelines and are damaging both their own revenue and that of the writers that sell their books on the site.
Please let me know what you are willing to do in the case I have outlined above and future possible wrongful removals.
Best wishes